The Taurob Inspector

The world’s most versatile data collecting robot

VR Video has been filmed during a training mission with people present. Ropes for stair climbing have been attached for safety purpose.

Built for the extreme. To serve dutifully in harsh industrial environments, explosive atmospheres and adverse weather conditions. Thanks to its precise sensors, the Taurob Inspector robot gathers data with unprecedented versatility and objectivity, exceeding a human operator in many ways. It takes ultra-high-definition photos and videos, records sounds, detects gas leaks through thermography and oversees its environment with a 3D LIDAR scanner.

Depending on its connectivity, the data collected can be processed in real-time or upon completion of each mission, by cloud or on-premises servers. A flexible API enables the Taurob Inspector to connect directly to a client’s digital twin or to seamlessly integrate 3rd party analytics. The Taurob Inspector provides the key to inspection of the world’s most remote installations, without the need of physical human presence.

The Taurob Inspector is commercially available to selected clients from Q4 2020. On a large scale, the robots will be available from early 2021.


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  • Default dimensions 1000 x 594 x 766 mm

  • Weight 69,9 kg

  • Speed 2.5 km/h

  • Battery endurance 2 hours (battery swappable)
  • Max. height from floor to camera lens: 177 cm

  • IP67 water and dust proof rating

  • ATEX certified

  • CE label


  • All terrain capability: gravel, floor gratings, mud

  • 4G/LTE or WiFi connectivity (5G coming soon)

  • Real-time cloud connectivity

  • Rated temperature -20°C to +60°C

  • Intuitive user interface with integrated mission planning

  • Autonomous navigation

  • Advanced data analytics and API for 3rd party integration

  • Automated Detection Algorithms

  • Stair climbing up to 45°


  • Robotic arm with 5 degrees of freedom

  • Camera head with UHD (4K) Inspection camera and Gas Finding Thermal camera

  • Sensor tower with 3D LIDAR and 360° panoramic HD camera

  • Neural processor

  • Directional microphone arm

  • Integrated safety controller

  • ATEX Zone 1 Docking Station compatible

Use Cases

  • Level 1 Maintenance

  • Gas Detection

  • Site Surveying

  • Corrosion Detection

  • Dial Gauge Reading

  • Valve Positions

  • Fill Level Reading

  • Pump Noise Analysis

  • Fan Belt Sound Analysis

  • Emergency Response

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Taurob’s Partners & Collaborations


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