A Taurob delegation attended the SPRINT Robotics World Conference of Inspection & Maintenance Robotics in Rotterdam. Together with Eric Bartoli from Total R&D, Matthias Biegl held a presention of an industrial pilot performed at a gas processing plant in the Shetlands.

Together with its strategic partner, Dietsmann Smart Robotics Lab, Taurob had a stand displaying the latest OGRIP robot, as well as their roadmap including 2022. Visitors could take part in a real-time remote operation of a Taurob robot in Vienna, managed from the Rotterdam event location via an easy-to-use Human Machine Interface (HMI), an exclusive development by Taurob. Over 50 such missions were conducted during the SPRINT conference.

In addition, Virtual Reality glasses enabled visitors to immerse themselves in the Shetlands gas processing plant, experiencing a recorded mission from the robot’s point of view. Many IOC’s, robotic developers and Robotic Institutes were impressed by the current status of the Taurob robot, and the wide potential applications for the domain of Inspection and Maintenance.