Robotized Industrial Operation, Inspection and Maintenance

Taurob is developing and commercialising autonomous robots for operation, inspection and maintenance of (heavy) industrial plants in order to optimise production costs, asset uptime and to ensure the highest standards of HSEQ management. Through our joint venture with Dietsmann for manufacturing and sales, Taurob will be able to quickly upscale production, reduce lead times and increase availability for a variety of industries.

Together with Dietsmann, Taurob can provide engineering studies related to robot utilisation on site. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Integration of a robot on site;
  • Operational robotization;
  • Security impact analysis;
  • OPEX and CAPEX impact.

Ground Robotics Support Roadmap


Signing of Cooperation Agreement. Start Robotics Team. Develop Robotics Use cases. Initial Testing.


Duration Testing. Develop Robotics Maintenance Engineering expertise. Initiate Global Robotics Construction & Maintenance Centre.


Ready for Robotics Operational Support. Deploy first fleet of Remote Operator robots on a commercial basis.


Multiple sites Deployment (Brownfield). Extend fleet of Robots into Oil & Gas, Power and other sectors. Greenfield Deployment.

Oil & Gas


Power Generation

Emergency Response

Surveillance & Security

Taurob’s Partners & Collaborations

Taurob’s Partners & Collaborations


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