In the context of robot development, we have developed extensive expertise and  product solutions in the field of mechatronic systems. These especially include motor control, drive components, power electronics, embedded software, user interfaces, remote controls, radio and camera systems as well as the connection of measurement devices and explosion protection according to the ATEX directive. These components, tested under the most adverse conditions, and our expertise will generate great value for any project within the respective field.


In addition to the highest quality standards, our customers from the security industry differentiate themselves by very complex and individual requirements. These high claims require individual solutions and close collaboration with our customers. We excel at developing tailor-made solutions with the customer for the customer. Requirements and specifications are generated jointly and implemented goal-oriented.

The Vienna based SME offers engineering expertise in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software. Since 2011, all processes at taurob are ISO 9001 certified (by TUEV Austria).