After winning the ARGOS Challenge, we were invited by Total to present the successful project at one of the most important and largest exhibitions in the oil and gas industry – the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi. Two autonomously operating robots were sent on inspection rounds on an oil platform, which was specifically replicated for the exhibition. This layout created a lot of attention among visitors.  Members of Total’s Board of Directors as well as other key players from the industry visited the booth. Together with senior local government representatives, they could see the technology of the future.

ARGOS Winner

Last week taurob, together with research partner TU Darmstadt, was announced as the winner of the ARGOS Challenge, powered by Oil & Gas giant Total S.A.

In a three-year competition, five international teams competed to develop a robot for routine-, inspection- and emergency operations on oil & gas sites. Frequently, gas leaks on oil drilling rigs, can cause an increased risk to safety and the environment.

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ARGOS Challenge Finals

The ARGOS Challenge finals took place between March 13th and 17th in France. Five different robots were tested by Oil and Gas company TOTAL S.A. in complex autonomous missions. The “Argonaut” robot from taurob and TU Darmstadt could successfully finish all missions and impressed through its robustness and full ATEX certification. The winner of the ARGOS challenge will be announced by TOTAL in May, until then we would like to ask you: Keep your fingers crossed!

taurob tracker 2 – Dubai

From January 22 – 24, 2017 we were participating at Intersec 2017 in Dubai together with our partner Interlink Petroleum Services. This exhibition was the perfect opportunity to present our next generation mobile robot for the very first time. The “taurob tracker 2” combines cutting edge industrial design with greatly improved functionality.

We would like to thank all our visitors for their great interest.

RoboCup 2016

The Team Hector of the TU Darmstadt uses the taurob tracker at the world championship RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig. At the Rescue-League robots look out for victims in a simulated disaster scenario, as occurs for example after an earthquake or a tsunami.

(Photo : Leipziger Messe/Tom Schulze)

ARGOS Challenge 2

After a week filled with challenging missions and long working nights in Southern France, we proudly announce, that our robot has met a very important requirement of the ARGOS Challenge. It successfully managed to drive up and down the steep and slippery stairs on the test platform in Lacq.

ARGOS Challenge

Our autonomous robot for oil & gas installations is back in operation. After 2 days of training the 2nd competition of the ARGOS – Challenge starts on the test platform in Lacq, Southern France. Until Friday, the 5 teams and their robots are going to touch their limits.
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taurob at ERF 2016 in Ljubljana

From 21.03.2016-23.03.2016 we were participating at the ERF 2016 (European Robotics Forum) in Ljubljana. Also, it is an ideal platform to present our robots at the exhibition. After the first ERF 2010 in San Sebastian, the exhibition has become an annual highlight in the robotics community. Developers and engineers from all over Europe come together to present and discuss important topics and future trends.

Taurob at KOGS in Kuwait

From October 12-14 we presented our robots in Kuwait City at the KOGS (Kuwait Oil & Gas show). Thanks to our partner, Interlink Petroleum Services, we had a successful exhibition and were met with great interest from professionals of the industry. Taurob is very much looking forward to a successful cooperation with our new partners in Kuwait.

taurob remote control steers relief-truck

In the course of the project “Reliable Control of Semi-Autonomous Platforms (RelCon)“ taurob has adapted its robot remote control to drive heavy trucks. Thus is becomes possible to carry out disaster relief missions (avalanches, mudslides, radioactive fallout) without endangering the personnel of the truck.

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